Evangelising User Centred Design through Information Architecture, User Experience & Interaction Design...

Things I do

  • Channel 4 – E4

    Channel 4 – E4.com

    User Experience Architect for E4.com. A site where users can share their own videos, photos and chat about E4 content and Games.

    • IA
    • Wireframes
    • Sitemap
    • Agile UCD
  • Sky News Social Community

    Sky News – Social Open Community

    Design and creation of this highly successful part of the Sky News website. This social journalism and community site gives Sky News and wannabe journalists a community platform for on topic discussion and debate.

  • First Choice

    First Choice – package holidays

    Delivering the Information Architecture for the package holidays section of this large e-commerce website.

    • IA
    • Wireframes
    • Sitemap
    • CMS Templates
  • 3 Ville

    3 Ville – Three Mobile

    Design and creation of a community Intranet for 3 mobile employees and retail stores.

    • Illustration
    • 3D models
    • IA
    • Development
  • 3 Retail

    3 Retail

    Create and Design an e-commerce site, allowing customers to purchase 3 branded apparel

    • IA
    • Illustration
    • Usability testing
    • Development
  • madCarrot

    Mad Carrot

    First business venture designing, developing and hosting web standard sites for Sport, Medical, Print, Therapy and Retail.

    Featured in CSS Zen Garden, CSS Beauty and Unmatched Style

  • Koral

    Koral – Document Collaboration

    Design of a Web 2.0 document management application. Allowing users to upload, organise and share documents online.

    • IA
    • Brand design
    • UI design
  • Ninja II

    Ninja II Logo

    Logo design for the on-line game Ninja II

    • Illustration
    • Branding

Things I see

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Things I hear

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